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2 votes

Meeting duration

Track how long a meeting runs on regular basis. Create Duration type button.

1 vote


Create Walking ‘duration’ type button. Start the button when you start walking and stop the button when you finish walking.

3 votes


Create a ‘count’ type button called cigarettes. Click on it whenever you smoke. You can check the graph to see how you do – if you are trying to quit.

2 votes

Drink Water

Count the number of times you drink water. Create a button named “Drink water” and click every time you drink water.

Sleeping Time

User can identify sleeping time

3 votes

Fuel expense

Tracking fuel expense for my car.

9 votes

Kids sleep time

Monitoring how long my kid sleeps everyday.

7 votes


Create count type button. Give it name “Medicine” or Medicine name e.g. ” Paracetamol”. Click it whenever you take one.

4 votes

Record of my BP

Created a value type button and named it “BP “. Whenever Blood Pressure reading is taken – enter it and can refer to it at any time.

5 votes


Easy to create a Value type button to track all expenses. As soon as an amount is paid can enter it under this button. A picture of the bill can be tagged as well.

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