The Swiss knife of a logging or tracking app.




Tracker Buttons
app provides a flexible and easy way to track and log almost anything.

You can use it to log so many different activities. Some of them –

  • days you went for morning walk ,
  • amount you spent on gas/fuel ,
  • days you took your medicine ,
  • time you spent in meetings ,
  • logging frequency of a medical condition ( e.g. headache , backpain etc.)
  • or how many times you scratched your back 🙂

You are only limited by your imagination on what you want to monitor or track.

Specialist apps

There are too many specialist apps for exercising , monitoring your spending , habits etc.
They are detailed , complex , of course useful , but for one single purpose.
Some of us are not interested in recording a very detailed information on some of our activities.
Tracker Buttons provides a very simple alternative to log almost any activity without the complexity.
Tracker Buttons is a generic app that can be used to track things for which there are no specialist apps.

There are three types of buttons you can create –

  1. Count – Every time you click the button an entry is logged with a timestamp which allows you to track an item like the number of days you went to the gym.
  2. Duration – Create a duration button to track how much time is spent on an activity. How long a child watches TV could easily be monitored with the Duration button by clicking when they begin watching show and clicking once more when they are done.
  3. Value – Create a ‘Value’ button to record any items that contain value, like bills paid. Record the
    item name and how much you paid, and see a summary of your spending.

Create buttons in just seconds. Create as many as you want.The possibilities truly are endless.
If you prefer privacy or secrecy on what you are monitoring you can make them ‘private’.
Private buttons can be used and data viewed after providing a password. Some potential examples
were you may want to avoid from prying eyes – nail biting , period tracker , smoking , adults-only activities 😉 etc.
Activities tracked can be seen in a graph or exported in comma-delimited format.
You may use spreadsheet to analyse the data collected in the way you prefer.

With TrackerButtons Pro on your Apple Watch it is very easy to track or measure your activities!
You don’t need to take out your phone to tap the buttons. Just raise your wrist and tap.

Watch-Black-Sport- with TB main

Tracker Buttons Lite is the free version with display ads and without Apple Watch functionality.
Tracker Buttons Pro has no ads and works on Apple Watch.

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